Monday, July 26, 2010

All up in the Awesa-Torium.

The Awesa-Torium.

We've always called the shop "studio" or "office" or the "lab" but it never felt quite right.
BUT given whats been happening the last couple of weeks and the sheer awesome art magic its been putting out, its been remaned the Awesa-Torium.

Here's whats been leaking out of our top secret lair:

  • Etsy BLEW past our annual sales goal for the year... JUST shy of 6 months early.
  • We took over full production for the Stick-It station, now we're one of the largest sticker and magnet producers on the East Coast.
  • New Clients have been pouring in like a herd of hungry zombies.
  • We signed the contract to manufacture the screen protectors for one of the largest independently owned cell phone stores on the East Coast.
  • Picked up a couple more International contracts / clients
  • New Brochures and catalogs are in the final stages of editing
  • AND watched the trailer for the AMC Walking Dead series.


We're still looking for any help that anyone can give. We've got about 7,000 more stickers to get through this week, 56 Etsy orders to pack and another 20 designs to post.

We also need anybody with connections to a ski lodge or mountain set up, we've got a couple ideas of expanding into a new market so any help would be fan-fraking- tastic.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Polite Grafitti

Polite Graffiti

Here's a fun little project I've been working on. With the over abundance of vinyl orders flowing through our servers the plotters have been working over time. We've always tried to minimize waste for both environmental and cost reasons so we always try to line up all of our jobs that are the same color as close as possible to cut down on wasted vinyl. Sometimes it works out great, other times we find up with 1-1.5" of unused space. This gave birth to POLITE Graffiti.

I LOVE me some graffiti art, most of my bookshelf is filled with books on the subject. I've always wanted to do it myself but... I'm way too lame to steal all the supplies and sneak around late at night. SO I came up with POLITE graffiti. Its only polite cause you can scrap it off pretty easy if ever caught but left untouched... stays around for a long time.

So far they are pretty small they all fit in an Altoids can, and I chopped up an old squeegee from the shop so it all fits right in your pocket. We've got a small crap ton and about 8 decent designs with about 12-15 colors of each. Keep an eye out, and keep the orders coming in so we can keep making more. If you like them and wouldn't mind a couple for your pocket, hit me up.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome Welcome Welcome!
First EVER blog from Its Tom Dot Com.

This is just a test, real blogging starts real dam soon. Stay Tuned.